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1 Day - Most Heartbreaking Moment

You're more than that, Jemma. 
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1 Day: most heartbreaking scene

The Big Bang Theory, season 8 episode 1

"The Locomotion Interruption"

Its back!

The Big Bang Theory, Season Premiere

Season 8, ep.2  ”The Junior Professor Solution”


Can we just talk about this for a minute?

When Toph fights, she uses the earth as an extension of herself.

When Bolin fights,he uses pieces of the earth as projectiles.

Do you guys get this?

Toph grew up blind. She learned to see through the grounds and thhus would see it not just as a tool, but as a part of her. Her fighting style has the earth moving with her.

Bolin learned to fight in the arena for competition. There, he has the discs of ground to use, which are best made to be used as projectiles. It would make more sense for him to use that outside as opposed to fighting like Toph does.

The creators are BEAUTIFUL!

You better watch that attitude, buddy. You’re dating the popular girl now.
Queen Amy Farrah Fowler (via michygeary)